Company Profile
Founded in Shenzhen in 2004, BOTHWINNER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a production and trading enterprise mainly engaged in the production of communication products, concurrently operating computer peripheral products and digital products. In the 14-year-old road, it has developed from a single electronic product company into a comprehensive technology enterprise such as plastic electronics, home, and outdoor sports products.

We focus on the sales team's construction and technology research and development investment. The newly established R&D company brings together a group of outstanding talents in the professional field and has accumulated rich experience in product design.

Based on the principle of good faith first, we are dedicated to providing customers with quality products, competitive product prices, and excellent after-sales service. Many customers around the world have become loyal customers of our company. The company is strong in strength, contact-oriented and trustworthy. It is deeply trusted and supported by domestic and foreign economic and trade circles. The products have been exported all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.
  Our team is made up of a group of energetic and cohesive 80s and 90s. We believe that “talent” is the future of the company and the company's wealth is our employees. The company adheres to the people-oriented development strategy of Haina Baichuan, fully respects, trains and treats talents so that every employee who works in our company can feel the warmth of home.

In the past 14 years, we have been eagerly weaving the blueprints of Bosun Tongsheng. The blueprints are all in one line and one line. All of them contain the ingenuity, unity and honest sentiment of Boxun, and all of them reflect the people of Boxun. The times go hand in hand and the relentless pursuit of synchronization with the world. In the past 14 years, we have accumulated a wide range of international marketing networks and stable supply channels and won the high friendship of friends from all corners of the country.

Company Vision
Become a global supplier of quality products
Becoming a happy home for employees to realize their dreams

Company mission
    Let life be better because of us

core value
Sincerity and trustworthiness, cooperation and win-win, pioneering and innovative, dedication, passion, gratitude

Sincere and trustworthy
1. Conscientiously understand the rules and regulations of the company and consciously abide by it.
2. The internal information of the conservative enterprise shall not be disclosed to third parties.
3, Honest, trustworthy, do not lie and deceive, do not spread unconfirmed information, do not talk about people and things behind the scenes.
4. Discover various problems, feedback in the first time, courageously admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility and correct in time.
5. Correctly and effectively stop the dishonest behavior that harms the interests of the company.

1. When someone visits, they are warm and courteous, and they maintain and actively convey the corporate image anytime and anywhere.
2. Smile face complaints and grievances, and actively solve problems for others.
3. In the process of dealing with people, even if it is not their own responsibility, they will not shirk.
4. Have a sense of service, be willing to share, and actively help colleagues achieve their goals.
5, constantly set higher goals, today's best performance is the minimum requirements for tomorrow.
6, empathy, unity and mutual assistance, and common progress.

1. Adapt to new arrangements and don't complain.
2. Rationally treat change, fully communicate, and cooperate with sincerity.
3. Facing the difficulties of change, self-medication, and positively driving colleagues.
4. Improve work processes and methods to make work more efficient.
5, innovative ideas and implementation, bringing breakthroughs in business.

1. Do not do things that are not related to work during work.
2. Obey the arrangement, say it, and resolutely implement it.
3, make every effort to complete the work on time and according to quality.
4. Everyone has a sense of ownership and regards work as their own business.
5. I don't accept non-conforming products. I don't flow out of non-conforming products.
6, do a line, love a line, a line, and strive to become an expert in the industry.

1. Love your work, be optimistic, and be brave enough to challenge.
2, full of energy and energy every day, passing positive energy.
3. Work passionately and pass a smile.
4. Actively participate in various activities of the company.
5, quick thinking, fast action.

1. Recognize corporate culture, love your job, and always be grateful to create value for the company and yourself.
2. Protecting corporate property, diligently saving, using items on demand, raising cost awareness, and opposing resource waste.
3, emotional business, willing to help others, willing to sacrifice, the courage to take responsibility.
4. Care for the family, honor the parents, and care for the colleagues.
5, love the motherland, love the collective, love life.