Children bow and arrow toy set
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    Children bow and arrow toy set
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    Children bow and arrow toy set

    • Goods SN:BW3501235
    • Sales time:2017-10-21 10:45:12
    • Goods click count:19
    • Brand:BOTHWINNER
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    • Specification: 63*24*5cm Weight: 0.7kg Bow: 62 * 14 cm Quiver: 30 * 11 cm


    1. Product name:Children bow and arrow toy set

    2. Material: plastic/plastic

    3. Specification: 63*24*5cm

    4. Weight: 0.7kg

    5. Bow: 62 * 14 cm

    6. Quiver: 30 * 11 cm

    7. Target: 24cm

    8. Length of shaft: 41cm

    9. Features:

    1> light control switch design, press the light to be long and bright, press two lower lights to blink, press three lights to flash, easy to use

    2> arrows are made of soft plastic materials, safe and non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly, and harmless to the baby

    3> can exercise baby's hand-eye coordination ability, exercise perseverance, cultivate will, improve the mentality, calm, calm, and decisive face the matter