Outdoor LED Light
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    Outdoor LED Light Solar Energy Powered
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    Outdoor LED Light Solar Energy Powered

    • Goods SN:BW3602017
    • Sales time:2016-05-27 09:53:51
    • Goods click count:11
    • Brand:BOTHWINNER
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    • 1. Color:Black 2. Solar panels: 6V 100MA 0.44W 3. Lithium Battery: 3.7V 800mAH 4.LED: Model 3020 SMD LED 5. Material: Plastic


    1. Product name: Outdoor LED Light Solar Energy Powered

    2. Color:Black

    3. Solar panels: 6V 100MA 0.44W

    4. Lithium Battery: 3.7V 800mAH

    5.LED:  Model 3020 SMD LED

    6. Material: Plastic

    7. Size: 114.5 * 86.5 * 41.5

    8. Weight: 0.15KG

    9. dark light high current: 300mA

    10. Low-light Current: 50mA

    11. The infrared sensor head 1PCS (light control + body sensors + Low Light Mode)

    12. Tip: Outside LED lamp beads with plexiglass laminated product full rain, rain do not recover

    13. Use: Install in the sun to the place, the sensor facing outside, a small bag with a screw needle probe a switch, daytime does not light. At night when no one is low light has been lit (this is the sleep function); when people go through, the sensor senses a person lights lit light turns off 35-40 seconds.