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    Foil balloon
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    Foil balloon

    • Goods SN:BW3501022
    • Sales time:2016-01-09 10:14:09
    • Goods click count:12
    • Brand:BOTHWINNER
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    • Material: aluminum / aluminum foil


    1. Product Name: wholesale aluminum balloons helium balloon

    2. Material: aluminum / aluminum foil

    3. Color: Color

    4. Size: 18 inches (ie 45CM)

    5. Usage: children's toys, children's products stores, large shopping malls promotional activities presented to the children gifts.

    6. Inflatable mouth design: automatic sealing.

    7. Tips: Any balloons, filled with air are not floating, red hydrogen or helium can float up, low hydrogen cost more, but encountered very dangerous fire, when filled with hydrogen must be away from the fire source, helium gas is an inert gas, high cost, very safe. (Hand pump and foot pump all the air rushed out, red balloon is not floating.) If you do not have hydrogen or helium, you can purchase a hand pump or foot pump shop, there is a large pole, making hand the big prop rod balloon sales.